Welcome to the Home of Ayin Adams. Enter in and stay to become acquainted with the ever unfolding Spiritual connections between two laws; Manís Laws and Spiritual Laws. I invite you to feel the essence of my work and the embodiment of your inner self accepting, understanding, and knowing all Truths that exist in this realm. Come walk with me through my poetry lanes and the esoteric teachings of Oneness, Metaphysical Consciousness and the beauty of being Awake, Alert, and Aware. Join me friends. Follow me on FaceBook and Twitter @iamayin, and read my blog here.

Congratulations to Ayin M. Adams for being a 2019 Gold Illumination Book Award winner for What I Know for Sure, If I Change Nothing, Nothing Will Ever Change.

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Congratulations to Ayin M. Adams for being a 2015 Beverly Hills Book Awards Finalist for African Americans in Hawai`i: A Search for Identity, a 2015 National Indie Excellence Award Finalist for Good Orderly Direction and winning the 2015 Bronze Illumination Book Award for Good Orderly Direction. It is a triumphant and exciting moment for Ayin M. Adams and Delane Publishing. © 2012-2019 | Designed by: Saforabu Graphix