It goes without saying that the African Diaspora is pretty far reaching. So while youíre walking the streets of Cincy, or H-Town, give a thought to your relatives (that may or may not be) kickiní it in Hawai'i. Thatís right, Hawai'i.

Thanks to the peculiar institution known as the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, you and your folks most assuredly have famí scattered hither (Paris) and yon, "yon" being anywhere between Mexico, the Pacific Islands and beyond.

Soon after Pearl Harbor, more African Americans--like Ernest Golden--decided to call the Big Island home. With a relationship dating back some two hundred plus years, someone has to have some photos at hand. At least, thatís what Hawai'i-based poet and performance artist Ayin Adams is hoping for.

Adams is presently compiling photographs and biographies for a photo journal titled African-Americans in Hawaii: How You Living? If you want to contribute, or know someone who may, hit up Ms. Adams directly for the fine details. And feel free to tell her that Code Z sent Ďcha. © 2012-2016 | Designed by: Saforabu Graphix