Dr. Ayin Adams

Dr Ayin Adams
Ayin M. Adams, native New Yorker began writing poetry at age five and selling them on her street corner in Brooklyn for twenty-five cents. With much success, she quickly increased her sales to fifty cents as passerbys' enjoyed her work.

Winner of the Pat Parker Memorial Poetry Prize, the Audre Lorde Memorial Prose Prize, Nominated as Poet of the Year, Winner of the President's Award For Literary Excellence, Grant Winner of the Zora Neale Hurston/Richard Wright Award, Winner of Sparrow Grass Publishing, Published in anthology Defjampoetry "Bum Rush The Page" 2004 top ten finalist in the Rap-It-Up BASS film competition sponsored by BET.com and Blackaids.org Foundation. 2008 Teacher of The Year Winner by the International Peace Poem. Ayin Adams holds a PhD. in Metaphysics. To read Ayin Adams' full Bio, please visit ayinadams.com.

Dr. Shirley J. Davenport, Psy.D.

Shirley J. Davenport, Psy. D.
Shirley J. Davenport, Psy. D. was born in Greenville North Carolina. Shirley Davenport earned a B.A. in Psychology, an MSW. in Social Work from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and a Psy. D. in Psychology from the University of the Rockies School of Organizational Leadership.

Shirley Davenport is founder, President, and Psychologist of FOR LIVING HOPE DAVENPORT, LLC. FOR LIVING HOPE offers individuals personal growth, coaching, and counseling recovery services. FOR LIVING HOPE, offers an in prison innovative curriculum over 40 hours of cognitive behavior, rational, emotional, and spiritual development therapy in group instruction and group process for incarcerated men and women in the local, federal, and state correctional faculties.

Having immersed herself in Hawaiian culture, Shirley Davenport received a scholarship to study hula under Kumu Hula Halau: Olana A`i of Palisade.

Currently employed at the River of Life Mission, Shirley Davenport helps provide physical, emotional, and spiritual assistance to the homeless and low income individuals and families.

Shirley Davenport is a veteran of the United States Navy. She has worked with recovering alcoholics and drug addicts for more than 30 years. She is also a certified substance abuse counselor.

With more than 33 years as a resident of Hawaii, Dr. Shirley J. Davenport makes her home on the island of O’ahu with her husband, retired Navy veteran Calvin Davenport and their dog Piniki. This is her first book. You may visit her on the web at www.forlivinghope.com.

Nancy Jane Woodside

Nancy Jane Woodside
Nancy Jane, J.D., B.A., A.S. is a modern day renaissance woman. She is a business developer; a legal consultant; a mediator/arbitrator; politician; newspaper columnist; a community activist; and a writer. She currently lives on Cape Cod and owns a private practice in Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Nancy grew up in a Masonic family in Wakefield, MA and began her community service as a member of the Order of Rainbow for Girls where she was elected Worthy Advisor and Grand Representative for MA. She was a Registered Medical Technician and became Director of Drug/and Alcohol Abuse Treatment and Prevention for the Ann Arbor Mental Health Department. She also had a weekly drug and alcohol abuse write-in prevention column in local papers.

Nancy’s community service ranges from being the founder and Director of a medical Emergency Care Unit for the Salvation Army Harbor Light serving the homeless in Detroit’s Cass Corridor; to several years as a guardian-ad-litem, and a foster parent. Along with her service awards, Nancy is also a recipient of the national AHTENA award and has served actively in Chambers of Commerce for many years.

Jenniffer Welliver

Jenniffer Welliver
Author Jenniffer Welliver was born and raised in Connecticut. After visiting Hawai`i numerous times, she moved to Maui where she enjoyed walking on the beach and watching the beautiful sunsets from her lanai. Jenniffer Welliver has moved back to the mainland to be closer to family. She continues to engage in community events where she reads to the children and shares her books. You may visit her at: www.jwelliverbooks.com

Frieda Groffy

Belgium author Frieda Groffy
I consider myself as a citizen of the world, traveling with an open mind and lots of love and respect. I lost my heart and found the balance of my soul in Africa. My poetry can be found along the cyber literary highway. I published 6 books of poetry in my mother tongue which is Dutch- poetry and social commitment are running through my life as a red thread-. If you want to know who I am, read my work. My favorite poets Alice Walker, Nikki Giovanni, Sonja Sanchez, Ayin Adams, and Langston Hughes, to name a few. You may visit her at: www.authorsden.com/friedacgroffy

Gwyn Görg

Gwyn Görg
Gwyn Görg is a graduate of the Theatre Academy of Los Angeles City College. She has worked professionally for more than forty-five years as actress, model, dancer, singer, songwriter, storywriter, screenwriter, producer, director, educator, and manager in theatre, television, radio, film and educational media.

As an educator, she has taught from kindergarten to high school in private and public schools. Her students?art exhibit was honored and displayed at the Los Angeles International Airport. She served as the educational coordinator of the 18th Street Arts Complex in Santa Monica. Ms. Görg is a 2002-2003 grant winner of The California Arts Council award. In 2007-2008, Ms. Görg won the teacher of the year award, presented by the United Teachers of Los Angeles. At the International House of Blues Foundation she co-created their Blues Schoolhouse Program as a performing artist and a history consultant. To read more about Gwyn Görg, you may visit her at: www.gywngorg.net

Adam Cafege

Adam Cafege
Adam Cafege was born and raised in the Philippines and California. He grew up appreciating the beauty of life in different cultures and is fl uent in Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Tagalog, and English.

Cafege is a healer and an advocate for victims and patients. Using education, Adam enjoys teaching, motivating, and empowering others to care for themselves. His innate beliefs in others translate into strong inspiration that not only educates young minds but also creates long lasting changes in attitudes and behavior. The sensitive topic of bullying was emotional for Adam when writing this book. Adam holds a doctorate in clinical pharmacy and has practiced in North America, Hawai`i, the Middle East, and the Northern Mariana Islands. He enjoys traveling, hiking, reading, cooking, and fine dining. He currently makes his home in Hawai`i and in San Francisco with his partner.

Marconi Calindas

Marconi Calindas
Marconi Calindas is a resident artist in San Francisco. He is known for translating his art onto clothing using designs inspired by life in Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands. His work has been displayed in San Francisco City Hall, the Children?s Creative Museum, Hotel Triton Mezzanine Gallery, Magnet SF and at Menlo College. He also has had notable exhibits at A-Forest Gallery in NYC, Intermedia Arts Gallery in Minneapolis, Artists Alley San Francisco, Bayfair Mall (San Leandro, CA), Newpark Mall (Newark, CA) and Aspect Gallery in San Francisco among many others.

A grand prize winner for the 2012 competition New Era Introducing Global Creative Project North America, Marconi?s winning piece tackled a sensitive subject on teen bullying and suicide which was showcased in fi ve key art cities in North America: New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago and Toronto, Canada. Marconi was recognized with a Certifi cate of Honor by the San Francisco City Hall Offi ce of Supervisors for his triumph.

His works have also been featured as cover images in publications for the Organization of Refuge, Asylum and Migration International in 2012 and will be appearing as cover images for several 2013 publications as well. Marconi makes his home in Hawai`i and San Francisco with his partner. You may visit him at: www.marconicalindas.com

Alquan Pinkard

Alquan Pinkard
Alquan Pinkard was born and raised in Brooklyn New York. Alquan spends his time writing children's books and working hard. He is the acqusition Manager of Urban and Street Literature at Pacific Raven Press where he mentors new and young authors. He tours frequently and gives lectures on street life, gangs, and making positive change, often motivating others to achieve success in their lives while pursuing their dreams. Alquan Pinkard splits his time between his home in Pennsylvania and his home in Hawai`i, where he enjoys the solitude and tranquility of living a quiet life. Alquan continues to be successful. He spends his time caring for and raising his beautiful daughter Haven. To read more about Alquan Pinkard, you may visit him at: www.alquanpinkard.com


Ms. Ayin Adams, as my publisher and final editor, has been doing a great job in giving my book international exposure.
-Frieda Groffy (Author of Dancing Her Troubles Away)