Good Things Come To Those...
By Renee' Johnson

Every once in a while, you come in contact with a person and you know right at that moment, they will have a positive influence in your life. Ayin Adams is one of those people. In the little time that I've known her, I have already learned an important lesson. Negativity can only exist in your life if you feed it. She's never said the words to me, their existence is present in the conversations I've had with her. She shares parts of her life with you in her poetry that take you from childhood to now, and the transition is a journey that allows you to visit both the light and dark places of her life. She has the ability to tell the stories of people we seldom pay attention to or the ones we condemn, like the homeless, victims of AIDS, people some of us consider 'outcasts'. She provides them with a voice to share their story in a way that demands your attention and shakes you back into the reality of what is going on in the world.

Her thoughts are uncalculated which allows her to maintain a clear, unmistakable, and profound impression on people. She utilizes her gift of words to heal, educate, and yes, entertain. Her plays deliver social messages combined with humor and wit, and you will never come away from one without learning or thinking, hell, you may even cry. I've found that in learning about her and her passion for this art we call poetry, it is very easy to learn something about yourself. That is what great writers are made of.


For those who don't know, tell us who Ayin Adams is?

I could tell you that I’m a poet, playwright, screenwriter, lover, and healer, but that’s not who I am, that’s what I do, but you know that. So, I’ll say that I AM... the embodiment of creative expression pressing outward to make manifest.

What is your focus for this year?

This year has very little meaning when viewed in terms of time. Years may come and go, but it is we who change and grow. Years are more psychological than astronomical. It’s a convenient means of keeping track of footprints in the sand, but the winds of change, very quickly blow them away again. What is left? Only the allness of an eachness in eternity, right here and now. My focus is not on the year or and years. My “discipline” is a daily practice of living in the moment for a better Ayin. And when I demonstrate the discipline, then all things flow together.

T hings


M ust

E arn

Your poetry displays spirituality, enlightenment and self-knowledge. How much of your writing comes from personal experiences?

My writing derives from a place where past, present and future meshes together creating a visual pattern, often mystical in nature nevertheless a mythological journey laid out for me. I am creating a tapestry of a life well lived, while living life on life’s terms. My writing derives from people’s confusion, joys, accomplishments, pains, betrayals, trust, and most of all, love seen and not seen.

What role does metaphysics play in your writing?

In the practice of metaphysical consciousness in my writings and in my daily life, I believe in healing. The healing of body, mind, emotions, circumstances, the affairs in life, and the healing of the whole person. I’m writing and talking about a transformational transcendence of mind, body, and soul. I’m writing about an inner change and an outer change. A power that lives within myself and within every other being, that has no other desire, but to heal, guide, and fulfill. If my work is intellectual, simply studying and learning about some metaphysical concepts or about some spiritual ideas, then my work is utterly pointless, and I should not be involved in it.

It is: the essential ingredient of TRUTH waiting to be exposed.

You also speak very intensely about sexuality. How important is it to you to educate people on that level through your poetry?

The whole idea is about NOT living a lie, but rather being true and authentic to the gift of self. This question leads back to my answer of the first question you asked: Who am I? It means confronting, challenging and conquering the inner gremlins of self through my writings which is only one medium to bring about the teachings to individuals in conjunction with a healing. Many people miss this insight in Truth, sexuality is a sacredness inside our Divinity. It is our consciousness. We must remember that many people live in their own worlds, which is simply their consciousness objectified. We live side by side, shop at the same supermarkets and department stores, go to ball games together, but we live in entirely different states of consciousness and this makes the difference why some people are sad and others are happy, joyous and free; why some people are lonely and others are vibrant; why some people see things differently and act differently; why some people are sick and others are healthy, why some people are poor and others are wealthy, simply, their consciousness.

Consciousness is thought followed by feeling. It is a mental awareness equipped with will and decision. It lives in the mind and must be expressed by feeling and the expression is the pressing out made manifested in my poetry, films, and plays from homophobia to homelessness to HIV/AIDS to lesbianism, or whatever it is that I am engaged in. We must release.

No one need not experience any issues about one’s sexuality, when we remember that everything BEGINS and ENDS with self. And if one person catches that in my poetry, then my work has not been in vain. For it is the progress and enfoldment to have a far greater mastery of self that we’re really looking forward to achieve.

Reading your poetry and some of your plays, I can see that you place no bounds on how you relay your message to the reader/audience. Have you ever received any negative feedback on how open you are on all of the subjects you speak on?

None. No negative comments. I believe that what comes from the heart, reaches the heart.

I write what people feel, yet will not speak. It is sitting in a theatre watching a movie of astonishment and bewilderment on the faces of people, while their eyes tell the story. People are receiving the gift of personal empowerment through the energy of my work, which forces them to look at self and examined their own lives in greater or smaller degrees. Sometimes it is painful, at other times, a final exhaling, or a giving up of themselves. The universe places no boundaries on me, how dare I treat myself anything less, when the greater good, cries out, begging, beseeching, oftentimes pleading to be authentic at all costs.

What projects are you working on now?

My junior poetry album “Woundology” which deals with the healing of wounds; some forgotten, some imagined(LOL), some released and healed, and some wounds which manifests in the body as illness.

My Film “A BLANKET OF HOPE”, which deals with the treatment towards HIV/AIDS infected people, lack of information thereof, and discrimination in the Black families of those suffering from HIV/AIDS. Recently nominated as a top ten finalist in the Rap-It-Up-Bass Film Competition sponsored by the Black AIDS Institute and Black Entertainment Television. Monies are needed to bring this film to completion by World AIDS Day December 1st.

My stage play of “LIGHTS OUT” dealing with molestation, adoption, GLBT confusion, isolation, mythology of Angels, culminating in a double suicide. This play is awaiting production.

During Black History Month, in February a one act play “A TRIBUTE TO DR. KING”, will mark the first time in Maui , Hawaii history, that a Black play has been performed on the island.

And I’ll continue to raise consciousness with my work, my passion of teaching, healing, and empowering others to empower themselves.

If you had the world's attention for 3 minutes, what would you say?

“If one advances confidently in the direction of her dreams and endeavors to live the life in which she has imagined, she will meet with a success unexpected in common hours, she will put something behind her, she will pass an invisible boundary, new, universal, and more liberal laws will begin to establish themselves around and within her, or the old laws be interpreted and expanded in her favor in a more liberal sense, and she will come to live with a license of a Higher Order of beings.” These are the words of Henry David Thoroeau.

I say that the Higher order of beings is simply our awareness of the perfectibility of our spiritual potentialities. And to aspire to a higher level means sometimes reaching to a new plateau, climbing out of the pit of human consciousness and limitations, and stepping up into Universal world where all good is waiting for us. It is like nature, awaiting our discovery.

I say to all: “Suit up, show up, and follow through. We must refuse to dwell in the shadow of doubt and limitation. We must envision the thing we want, have faith, and act on it, and believe on the possibility of Divine Order, and then press on with courage, determination and perseverance and we/will come/to live/with a/license/of a Higher Order of Beings.”

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