Climbing a Rainbow of Dreams
By Clearview Christian Girlsí School
Edited by Ayin Adams

Sky Barnhart

This little anthology celebrates girls and their dreams.
My Own Place by Sarah Solomon

The fresh air / and cool breeze
no one here / to disturb me
a place where the worldsí
deepest secret lies / a place where I can ask myself:
"Why am I here" and / "Is this my dream?"
A place where I can truly be me
a place of no pressure / a place of no pain
a place where I can relax / and breathe
my own place/ in the tall green grass
where no one can see / Iím simply being me.

Every girl needs a journal. Especially in those yearsóthe in-between years, the not-a-kid-anymore years, the definitely-not-a-woman-yet years. That time when you spend hours studying the mirror, trying to figure out if youíre pretty. That time when you crave a quiet place where you can scribble in a notebook all your thoughts and feelingsóeven if you later tear them up so your sibling wonít find them.

"Early adolescence is often a challenging time for young girls,î writes Dr. Vicki Draeger in the introduction of Climbing a Rainbow of Dreams. ìÖmany girls at this age are beginning to lose self-confidence, they are losing self-esteem, and they are losing their ability to express their thoughts and feelings. In other words, they are losing their ëvoice.í"

Thatís why Draeger founded Clearview Christian Girlsí School, a small school in Pukalani committed to strengthening the spiritual, physical and emotional development of adolescent girls. Award-winning Maui poet and playwright Ayin Adams teaches the girls poetry and drama, helping them to give shape to their inner creativity.

Over the last six months, through Adamsí guidance and their own introspection, the girls created an anthology of poems called Climbing a Rainbow of Dreams, filled with the beautiful and simple expressions of their hopes: "I can look out the window and see the stars and the moon, wishing that some day Iíll reach them..." (Moani H.); "Beauty beams from within, not just the face or the skin, itís a gift from God we all share..." (Samantha A.); "Imagine a world full of people with unique style, imagine a world full of people opening their eyes for once..." (Holly H.K.).

One of my favorite poems was the profound "Fads," by Shanti G.: "Whatís in for the moment, or even the day, may seem important now, but it wonít always be that way..."

In celebration of National Poetry Month, Adams hosted a book reading and signing for the young Clearview poets at Borders Books & Music in Kahului on Sunday, April 22. The students also read and signed their book at Wailuku Public Library on Wednesday, April 25.

On Tuesday, April 24, Clearview poet Jessica Solomon read for the 14th Dalai Lama during his Maui address at War Memorial Stadium.

The Clearview Christian Girlsí School poets are: Emily A., Samantha A., Erin B., Kazina C., Jamie L., Alessia N., Rachel S., Mariah S., Kalei S., Moani H., Shanti G., Holly H.K., Olivia K., Kelly B., Krysta F., Rachel H., Jessica S., Sarah S., Kendall U., Natasha N., and Kali S.

These are girls who have truly found their voices. And I imagine they filled plenty of journals in the process!

Climbing a Rainbow of Dreams
By Clearview Christian Girlsí School

Edited by Ayin Adams
Wasteland Press
Shelbyville, KY 2007
Paperback, $10
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